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Posted on the 08 November 2012 by Piaiamps @pemarikresta


Hey I had a haircut! Hey I have a missing tooth :/

I had my molar tooth extracted yesterday. I'd love to tell the world everything about it but I don't want to be judged haha. Basta, it hurt so much I had to absent from Tax. I also feared the bleeding may worsen, just couldn't take the risk.
Classes have formally started. That's one thing I hate about law school; first day/week high doesn't apply. In college, it was normal to be absent during the first week. You're a rock star if you're still not enrolled. But not in the legal world. One absent can put you out of place. We have this different high. Or may be this is just me, the barely-makes-it-girl, talking. Also, I found out earlier today that my close classmates changed their Tax schedule so that makes me a loser because I'm the only Transferee left. Scared of secret status discrimination haha. Really, subjects are twice harder when you don't have friends to spend the boring classes with. I've heard from everyone that Taxation II is inherently a tough subject and knowing that the only people I speak with have left me behind breaks my heart. Couldn't change sched. Now I really don't have someone to talk to. And remember when I cursed the world for not having someone to share tables and stories with? Yes, I've managed in most of my subjects alone BUT THIS IS TAX, AND IT'S HARD. At least I've got Kurt who is such a cool person, by the way. Thanks Kurt for doing the favor I asked you! Guess I'll have to face this battle alone.
I want to focus now, seriously, especially that I have very demanding subjects and teachers. I want to do my best and see where my abilities take me. In other words, I may not be able to blog as much as I do (chos), but I'll try to make time. And if I have interesting stories to share, we'll see.
So kids, keep your teeth healthy and go to school. Sabi nga nung shirt ni kuya kanina, "youth needs models, not critics." Let's all be the perfect models we can be, kahit Colgate or role model pa yan!

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