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Posted on the 25 July 2017 by Tlog

I am thinking about her a lot. I see her laughing. I see her smile. All in my mind.

I imagine us walking happy along the lake during a calm summer night. 

She tells me about her childhood, about what matters to her.

We are so familiar. We are interacting with an intimacy that is already scary.

It is a moment made for eternity.

Happiness and joy. Love and laughter.

I are dancing. I hold her tightly in my arms. She lies her hand softly in mine. 

In these moments we forget everything around us.

We are melting. Effortless understanding.

She moves gracefully. The tension is rising.

I pull her close and kiss her one last time.

It is fading. I am in the past. We are in the past.

We are only memories and no more memories will follow.

No more laughters shared.

No more dances danced.

It is the dream that never came true.

The dream is fading, what stays is a smile.


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