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Fall Out

Posted on the 11 November 2012 by Piaiamps @pemarikresta

I have a friend who once fell for a guy of her dreams. They dated for a year or two and were inseparable in each time that I saw them. They hugged, they kissed, they giggled even when they were on public streets. They were tailor-made, way too perfect for each other. Then one day, all of a sudden, her boyfriend told her that he's fallen out of love and wanted to break up with her. She was dumbfounded. And let him go.
They went on with their respective lives. The guy met another girl and introduced her to the world like she was his first love, and my friend is happy, at least that's what she said to me. But I know better.
That's why I've been so skeptical about relationships. They are messy. One second you're on cloud nine, then snap, you don't speak with each other anymore. I knew about it even then. I have lots of friends who always seem to be in a rush to find a partner but later on run back to me to hear something that they don't want to hear. I always believed that people change. Feelings change. The guy who promised to be there for you always, to love you forever will eventually change. The love that a girl has for you will gradually lessen, until there's nothing more left. People get tired too. Yes, he'd say he will always listen to you, cherish you, adore you and be patient with you. But sadly, only until he's reached his limit. Because truth is, people have ceilings, and when a guy reaches his maximum, when he runs out of every reason to care for you, he ultimately quits. And that is when your world begins to shatter. The one whom you built your future, your life, with suddenly turns into someone you wished you never knew.
Almost always, I was right. I was regrettably right about the whole thing. I wish my friend had been more careful. I wish she never gave everything to that guy. Then maybe, just maybe, she would not have suffered as much as she did. But love, they say, is a risk. The courageous ones end up victorious. Still, isn't being cautious a good thing? Isn't saving something for yourself better than throwing all of you to a battle you're not even sure to win? But wouldn't it all be worth if he'd do the same for you?
I have no more displeasure towards my friend. I understand now. It's hard to let go, harder when he's someone you've been praying for your whole life. And no matter how many candles you light in the hopes of meeting that one person who would make everything right, a lesson must still be learned from this crazy little thing called love.
I wish peacefulness for my friend. I wish her well. I hope that she become genuinely happy and stronger. And I pray that God would give her a love that she deserves. And for everyone, I hope that when you found yours, you hold onto it. Tight. Because only the brave, willing and hopeful gets through the fight.

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