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Feminist Until You Get Married.

Posted on the 13 January 2013 by Luciferguson @Luciferguson
Feminist until you get married.
Today was spent, in the main part, sat in a onesie wasting my life away on my laptop. Now, after having a bath, I have been sitting in my pajamas and killing time until the boy comes over. This consists of sitting and scrolling through Tumblr and searching for new blogs to follow. And this was going swimmingly until the above picture got under my skin.
It's apparently a quote from "The Hypocrite Diaries" as you can see, and it was sat on my Tumblr dashboard with thousands of notes. This means plenty are in agreement with it and are happy for it to appear on their personal blog. But why are they?
Communist until you get rich, yes there is plenty of space for hypocrisy in that scenario. Atheist until the airplane starts falling. Yes to some extent this is hypocritical, but now I think about it, it doesn't have to be. An atheist doesn't believe in God, fair enough. However when you're in a life threatening situation and you pray and beg to God, it doesn't necessarily mean you now suddenly believe in a God. Surely it just means this is the time you really wish there was one. You may still be thinking "I know there isn't a God, but I'm going to pray and hope I've been wrong all this time." So that one isn't a 100% hypocritical but I'll let them have it.
It's the middle one that really got me. Feminist until you get married. As far as I'm aware, feminists can get married without disowning their beliefs. You would have to get married and become the ultimate 1950's housewife for the statement to work. Make that 1850's. By the 1950's women were making their way into the workplace and had proven their strengths during the war.
Feminism is concerned with equality, gender roles and objectification of the female form (among other things obviously). There is nothing to say a feminist cannot fall in love, declare it to the world and want to raise a family. It simply means if they do they may not want to comply to a typical housewife lifestyle. They may want to share the house work and the cooking of meals with a partner who doesn't take her for granted or assume it is her job to do such things.
A feminist can wed and raise a family. It's not hypocritical. To me, it simply means she will do it with a fairer attitude towards gender roles than many parents might.

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