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Fireman Sam: The Famous Fireman

Posted on the 29 April 2019 by Amitagulia

Fireman Sam: The Famous Fireman

There would be hardly any child – boy or girl who is not fascinated by firemen and fire-engines. All children have a fireman and a fire engine in their toy collection at least once in their childhood. Thus, I knew this is going to be a gem in my kiddo’s collection the moment I saw it.

Here is the blurb I made:Fireman Sam: The Famous Fireman is the story of a fireman Sam who aspires to be a popular celebrity. But there is one hurdle in his way. What’s the hurdle and what would he do?

Fireman Sam: The Famous Fireman
What I like the most about this book is the ability to read in two ways as mentioned on the cover as “read aloud, read along, read alone”. Yes, one page has a little detailed story while the adjacent page has its summary in maximum two to three lines. This amazing feature is missing from the kindle edition – from what I saw in the preview.
Fireman Sam: The Famous Fireman
This book was among the 4-5 books kiddo remembered by heart. He would tell the story with lights turned off when I did not read  owing to the fact we got late for sleep and had to get up on time next morning. 

Now, the fun part: Lifelines have learned that the back cover of the books have list of other books in same series. Every time they like a book, they look at the back cover, find out which one’s they have and have thus made a huge wish list from the rest.

While it’s a great book, there is another story the kids love to read, listen and watch – “Mater the Fireman”. It’s one of Mater’s tall tales based on the episode where Mater the firefighter rescues Lightening from fire. I am going to share more on this in another post. Stay tuned.

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