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Five Apps That Would Do Very Well in Chennai

Posted on the 09 November 2014 by Blueberry @294by10

1. RoachFind TM

Ratings: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

Where is the cockroach? Staying awake all night with your bladder full because you’re afraid there are roaches your bathroom, they will run at you and into your room when you go in? Roaches in your office elevator forcing you to take the stairs and be active?


Most rated Reviews:

“I was carrying home a package from my sister in the USA, when my phone started buzzing loudly. Hoping it was her, I picked up my phone, it was RoachFind TM! I was confident there would be no cockroaches in a package from the USA, but I was wrong. The package had sat in customs for 15 days until I got it! Thank you RoachFind for warning me of roaches running up my hands from between my new Forever21 pants!”

2. SmartPot TM

Ratings: ✪ ✪

Twisting your ankles on the street because the road suddenly stopped existing? Suffering a strange friendship with your car mechanic because your car is constantly wounded from driving on the road? Forced to wear a helmet while obnoxiously cruisin’ the town on your bullet for fear of dying because you missed seeing a pothole?

NO LONGER! Download: SmartPot TM

Top rated Reviews:

“Sometimes, I find the app irritating because it is constantly making noise when I am driving. I am on the road, yes there are holes machaan, I know. Stop making noise no! It is also irritating for when I am trying to suddenly brake when on the bike with my girlfriend. She is warned by the buzzing and asks me to slow down! But she has at least stopped bugging me to wear a helmet, so some use, yes. Girls na, I tell you.”

3. MeterPodu TM

Ratings: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

Always late everywhere because you won’t take an auto that won’t turn on the meter, and end up having to walk every where in Chennai? Long fights with auto drivers earning you reputation as a ‘Rules Ambi’ in your circles? Wishing you could just get the auto drivers to be fair?

Fight no more! Download: MeterPodu TM

The power of hypnosis is underrated, and hard to learn. But withMeterPodu TM, total control over your autodriver’s decision to turn on the meter is just a tap away!

Top Rated Review:

” My parents were worried that I will never get married because they felt that if I fought with the auto-man this much, how much would I fight with my mother in law? They were upset that they had not raised me to be a good girl. But now, thanks to MeterPodu TM, I am back to being an eligible bride on the market, and my parents’ favorite gold medal holder in the family! MeterPodu, O podu!”

4. PrettyWomanTM

Ratings: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

A special app, just for women: Bosses telling you to ‘get it together’ because you’re constantly tired from managing home and work? Snide remarks of “Why do you ladies even come to work” getting you down? Tired of being asked if you “cannot even smile while making and serving dinner at the end of the day” by your family?

STAY DOWN NO LONGER!  Maybe you need cocaine or related stimulants to keep you energetic enough to be smiling, hardworking and obliging all day to your colleagues, friends and family, but we have the next best thing: a perception filter. Simply turn on the app and wear your resting bitch face, while everyone around you is engaged by whatever version of you they want. After all, your life is about them!

Top rated Review:

“My boss would always ask me why I did not accessorise enough, or wear a Saree to work, or looked ‘angry and uninviting’ at meetings. ‘So unbecoming of a woman’, I was told. But now, thanks to PrettyWoman, I can feel however I want to, and everyone else just sees whatever they want to. Finally, a face just for myself. Thanks PrettyWoman!”

5. PunctuPinchTM

Ratings: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

Always the first one to turn up, no matter how late you leave? Always on time to events, only to be greeted by surprised, condescending hosts/waiters? Always texting your friends to wake up/leave/drive/get there on time?


With PunctuPinchTM, feel a sharp poke from your phone whenever you’re getting ready to leave for a social event on time. It will also give you reminders to snooze, when you are only 15/20/30 minutes late to somewhere. Become the new cool person in your friends’ circle, with PunctuPinchTM! 

Top Rated Review:

“I was starting to feel like nobody respected my time, because I would always show up on time, and wait for people to show up. There are only so many new games of Words with Friends you can start while you wait for your friends to show up. Besides, I was coveting the status symbol of being ‘fashionably late’, but being habitually punctual was not letting me be this way. Now, thanks to PunctuPinch, I am  always the last to get to any place, and everyone’s attention is on me! Thank you PunctuPinch!”

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