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Five Signs You Are Becoming Friends: Facebook Version

Posted on the 21 February 2015 by Blueberry @294by10

So you met through a common friend, you were cordial and had no hostility. And now you’re Facebook friends and  show up in each other’s virtual worlds. Are you becoming friends? Here’s how to tell:

  • They acknowledge your comments by ‘liking’ them.

Yes, your pun was hilarious, and yes, you were right about their dress being ‘so Madmen’.

  • They include you in light hearted conversations with your mutual friend:

Remember the no-hostility thing? This is more of that. Like hanging out happily with you in a group. Pretty nice.

  • They support your hobbies:

Crocheting? Knitting? Skiing? Baking? Your Veronica Mars fan-art? If they are acknowledging your hobbies in your virtual space, you are becoming friends. This is real encouragement to your stuff, not like when you force you them like your blog’s Facebook page.

  • They speak to you in languages other than English:

Comfort level. Enough said. Only applies to native tongues you may share. Not applicable to situations where French is used randomly to sound fancy. No, just stop.

  • They like your pet:Supporting your pet is a good sign that they like you and would like to hang out with you. If they like the thing that you love so much and won’t stop uploading pictures of, they’re probably into this friendship. Congratulations.

Hit us back for our next list, “Five Signs They are on your Facebook a lot, like a creepy amount, you should probably put them on ‘Restricted'”

PS: Also use this list as etiquette for:  New spouses in your circle of friends/cousins;Awkward coworkers you are expected to be friends with; Your Mom; Your friend’s Mom who has friended you; Your Mom’s friend who has friended you.


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