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Five Signs That You Are a Better Version of Yourself Everyday

Posted on the 16 June 2021 by Chetan @smilingchetan
Five signs that you are a better version of yourself everyday

I remember reading the story of a boy who scored high marks in the state level exams. He was the son of an autorickshaw driver and studied only under the street light or kerosene lamp.

It never occurred to him that the financial condition of his family was not good. Instead, he had exerted himself and passed the examination.

Such people are the toughest competitors you can ever have.

They don’t worry about the result and only focus on the performance. Fear of losing doesn't exist as they have nothing to lose. They don’t see the top but only the ladder leading upwards, with no end in sight, and so don't have a reason to be complacent.

People with such thoughts are the better version of themselves every day.

Five signs that show you are a better version of yourself every day: 

1) Your goals are big and you need more than a month or year to achieve them.

Of course you have daily or weekly goals, but that contributes to a bigger goal of 3-5 years on the horizon.

You don’t settle for your daily or small success because you know it’s a tiny success or preparation for a much bigger one.

2) You read books, either fiction or non-fiction, as this keeps your mind active and helps you think and judge consciously.

Fiction increases your presence of mind, stimulates your creativity, entertains you after a busy day, makes you forget about challenges, and prepares you for a good night’s sleep.

You are careful in choosing non-fiction books and only select those which might help you overcome your gaps.

3) You never consider yourself a master because you know it is a relative term and comes from comparing yourself with others. You are your only competition and you seek improvement every day.

4) You always have a list for tomorrow before the end the day, and you don’t waste the morning planning for the day.

You think it necessary to do the critical work first thing in the morning and manage your time well. Critical tasks take most of your time, followed by the order of priority.

5) Every evening you are so tired that you fall asleep within minutes because all your energy goes into completing actions to achieve your goals.

Tiredness for you is not a physical exertion, but the engagement of your mind throughout the day. It needs rest at the right time of the night to  follow your biological clock to prepare yourself better for the next day.

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