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Posted on the 02 December 2012 by Piaiamps @pemarikresta

My heart has gone through countlessheartbreaks. Compared toevery kid in the block. Told that I & "first love"will never be together. Talked straight to my face that I'mthe most terrible person. Lost a loved one. Lost
two dogs. Judged by the people
I thought were my friends. Chose to be friends witha guy I can never have. Realized that I willnever be good enough. Felt that I will never,
ever be trustworthy.
The list goes on.
My little delicate heart has been through a lot. Andsometimes I wonder how it still manages to beat likeit's never been damaged. I wonder if there's stillroom for sorrow because it feels like it's all made of plasters and stitches.And no matter how I try to repress all thesemiseries, hide them in the deepest chambers, one by one, theywould pop out from the bandages and make me feel tormented again.

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