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For The Love of Orange

Posted on the 17 November 2012 by Piaiamps @pemarikresta

Hey everyone. I am tired and sleepy. But I'm still writing an update about me so none of you would forget my forgettable existence.
My blog has turned orange, as if it's not obvious enough. I don't know. My blog layout sort of bored me lately and I want to try the other options. I think ever since I joined Blogspot, I've always settled on the Simple themes and customized it. But as you may know already, there are features which aren't available in that category, which frustrates me. I don't know if my new layout looks pleasant but I doubt that you'd give an opinion even if I ask you to because you, my dear reader, has no interest in talking to me. Yes, I knew that. My blog looks like a Blogger loyalist. I'd have to go back to my old design soon, yes.
In other news, I didn't speak with my sister when I came home earlier this evening. She greeted me with a cheerful, "I haven't cooked yet." And since I haven't eaten yet and it was already evening, almost bedtime for adolescents, I got infuriated because again, I was hungry. She should never ever do that again. Or, she should do or cook next time. I didn't say anything though because she practically does all the chores (which is why I expected her to cook for dinner) and I'm a lazy lass so I don't have the right to get mad at her.
Today was our first day in Torts and Damages. It was interesting but I'm too tired to elaborate further.
I've been spending most of my time playing dotA. Yes, it's hazardous to my health and study but I can't help it. The undead are calling me, even in my sleep. My head is heavy.
I miss my boyfriend.

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