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Freedom Tower

Posted on the 31 January 2013 by Lily Hydrangea
freedom tower
whenever I get the chance to be in manhattan I most always travel either in the village, soho, chinatown, little italy, chelsea or somewhere uptown near the larger museums or broadway or central park or anywhere else but mostly those same places - I guess out of habit. so yesterday when I found myself driving through the cavernous roadways of lower manhattan I was stunned to discover the freedom tower rising up out of the ground almost directly in front of me. I didn't notice the plane in the sky at the time (though I was in my car surrounded by a gazillion people and every type of vehicular traffic you can imagine) but I should add that when I noticed it as I was putting together this post, I did find it a bit unsettling. then I thought of my trip back from milwaukee a few years ago and how our plane had to circle this great island of manhattan as it waited for a space to land back at LaGuardia. you can see my view from that plane ride here. it was awesome seeing the entire island from the sky. we literally circled it four or five times.
and, if you are looking for flights to New York, you can visit! if you get lucky, your trip might include an aerial tour of manhattan.
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