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Friday Favorites and Some FREE Apps

Posted on the 08 February 2013 by Art Of Mob @artofmob

Before I share my favorite edits this week, here are some apps you can get that are currently FREE!

Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome

Beauty Booth Pro

Beauty Booth Pro

Distorted Family #1 © Geri Centonze

Continuing with my Distortion Series – Distorted Family #1 (above)

App Recipe:  ProCamera, Salvador Dali Camera, ShockMyPic, Laminar Pro, Pixlr Express, Snapseed 

Fairytale Cottage © Geri Centonze

An homage to the wonderful work of Cathy Ross, I created my own fairytale cottage (above)

App Recipe:  ProCamera, PhotoWizard, Sketch Club, TouchRetouch, Vidage, Photo FX, Pixlr Express, TwistCam, Select Effect, ShockMyPic, Filtermania 2, Lenslight, iColorama, Snapseed, PS Express 

Rusty Goodness © Geri Centonze

Rusty Goodness (above)

App Recipe:  Camera Awesome, Snapseed, Tangled FX

Captive © Geri Centonze

Captive (above)

App Recipe:  ProCamera, Fracture, Infinicam, Picture Effect Magic, ShockMyPic, PS Express, Snapseed 

Gulliver's Travels © Geri Centonze

Gulliver’s Travels (above)

For this one I combined original art with my photo to create a composite piece.

App Recipe:  ProCamera, Wasabi Paint, Image Blender, Sketch Club, PhotoWizard, iColorama, Snapseed 

Distorted Self #3 © Geri Centonze

Distorted Self #3 (above)

App Recipe:  Leme Camera, Sketch Club, Distressed FX 

The Infant Queen © Geri Centonze

The Infant Queen (above)

App Recipe:  ProCamera, Salvador Dali Camera, Procreate, Mirrorgram, InstaEffect FX HD, Twistcam, Paint FX, Sketch Club, iColorama, Snapseed 

Portrait of a Man © Geri Centonze

Portrait of a Man (above)

App Recipe:  Camera Awesome, Snapseed, iColorama, Portray, XNSketch, Sketch Club, Filterstorm

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