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Friday Favorites–Week No. 27

Posted on the 15 March 2013 by Art Of Mob @artofmob

A lot of experimenting this week mainly with the newly released Repix app but I also have been taking a look at all the apps on my iPad and trying to revisit them to see what their capabilities are.

Here are my favorite edits for the week.

© Geri Centonze

Pope Francis (above)  Image captured from my television screen with my iPhone

App Recipe:  Repix, Snapseed, TouchRetouch 

© Geri Centonze

The Heron (above)

App Recipe:  645 Pro, Repix 

© Geri Centonze

The Treasure (above)  This was part of a challenge to photograph something that would fall in the category of Treasure.  When my Dad died in 2000 my Mom told me to take anything I wanted from my Dad's belongings. The one thing I wanted was the oil can he used to oil my bicycle. The memories of him running along side my bike as I learned to ride on two wheels is one of my sweetest. This truly is my treasure

App Recipe:  Hipstamatic, Alt Photo 

© Geri Centonze

The Monster Inside (above)  I was invited to post something to the album on EyeEm with the same  name.

App Recipe:  Sketch Club, Colorstrokes, Instaeffect FX HD, Snapseed 

© Geri Centonze

App Recipe:  Camera Awesome, Sketch Club, Repix 

© Geri Centonze

Abstract Bird (above)

App Recipe:  645 Pro, PhotoStamp, Repix 

© Geri Centonze

“Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.” ~ Bob Dylan (above)

App Recipe:  Camera Awesome, Snapseed, Noir Photo, Sketch Club

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