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Friday LOVE Notes : Ask Me Anything …

Posted on the 22 November 2019 by Lynne @lynneknowlton

Do you know what rhymes with Friday? VODKA. We are using it to whip up some homemade baileys and spike our coffee for our Friday Love Notes today. There's a free downloadable recipe card.And cake. Of course there's cake. Cake solves everything.


Didja know that my daughter Tristan is now part of the Design The Life You Want To Live team? I just LOVE working with her. PS. Tristan doesn't swear as much as me. So lucky for you. 🙂

Moi : Drops f-bomb. Drops the mic. Walks off the stage.


See this baileys recipe right here? << Download it. You will absolutely freak your face. * h i c c u p * We bottle the baileys in these glass bottles and bring them along as hostess gifts to holiday parties! We should be friends, am.I.right?


What are you watching on Netflix? I've been binge watching Queer Eye, Call The Midwife, and every season of Greys Anatomy. {{ Don't judge me.}} Have you watched LION? *tears-they-be-a-flowin*


Uhhhhmmm.... It's been snowing around here for like 35 months straight. There was one tiny sliver of time to photograph a pretty moment before the snow storms come again. Which is now, until the end of time apparently.

I'm hibernating for the winter. See you never.

5 .

I just put these cozy slippers on my wish list. Hoping someone will see this and send them to me. *Hint hint* hubster.


On a personal note: this has been a big year. Oh hiiiii cancer, you can be a bit douchy. We've been swinging at cancer like a Southern church lady swings her purse, wearing her Sunday best. Ask me anything you'd like to know about that.


Have you started shopping for the holidays yet? I started shopping last week in the mall (what was I thinking?!!! <- I screamed that!) I almost tasered someone for stealing my parking spot. Doing all my shopping online this year. Stamped it. Double stamped it. Should I make some gift guides for you? I can let you know what I am purchasing to make shopping for the people in your life easier than ever this holiday season. I'm nice like that. You're welcome.

Let's talk Etsy home faves. (I swear I won't hit you with a sequin pillow.) Last week, we put together our all time favourite Etsy finds and shops in one place. Get stoked!! So good. So so so so good.


Do you love music? Me too. It's like we just get each other. Here's my playlist on Spotify. Do you ever sing to a song you don't really know... but there's that 15 second part that you know is coming? You're gonna own that shit.


Are you lovin Instagram these days. Me? I dunno. Instagram is a like a slutty friend that I should hate but I still go out with. Weekend plans? Besides deleting me from Instagram?

What's new with you?

Tell me everything you've got. Where do you live? Have any fave accounts on Instagram? (right after you delete mine) Want to know my insider secret on how to hang curtains in the most gorgeous way? Want to know about roadtripping in an RV? Want to know more personal stuff about my life? Want to talk about boobs? I do. Where's your fave place to travel? Will you pack me in your suitcase? Did I just sound like a weirdo? Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro?

ask me anything.


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