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From Despicable Me 2 to a Global Audience

Posted on the 21 March 2014 by Umkhaloodie

Last night, I attended Zain’s event for International Happy Day.
It was a wonderful event with lots of smiling, happy faces! Literally!
There were happy faces everywhere!
Zain came up with this wonderful idea and thanks to their amazing social media team, they really pulled it off.
Zain always get it right, don’t they?
We had that wonderful Hala Febriar flash mob in avenues and last night, we were entertained by another flash mob doing Pharell’s Happy.
This song has managed to go completely global but for Kuwait, it’s really something special.
Zain had set up ‘steps’, steps that we all had to do before we got our cookie.
We had plate throwing to release anger – that one was my favourite, smashing plates is just so aib and something we just don’t do on a daily basis so that was wonderful! Exhilarating!
Next was, make some juice, how many goals do you have in life? Count out those goals in lemons and enjoy some lemonade!
A really sweet booth was a balloon booth, writing negative thoughts on a balloon and letting it float up into the sky… I liked that.
Thank you Zain for a very sweet event… We all appreciate the work that you put into pleasing your customers. Thank you

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