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Literally a Pain in the Butt.

Posted on the 16 March 2014 by Umkhaloodie

Two nights ago, I noticed something very bizarre on my tailbone. I can only describe it as a belly button on my back with a red line. Freaked out a bit and found it incredibly hard to sleep so decided to head to the emergency room yesterday morning. Turns out I have a palodonial fiscula cyst on my tailbone. The red line that runs a good 5-7cm is inflammation.
Strangely I had noticed lower back pain around my tailbone but I had always put that down to that epidural area and all ladies know it never really feels the same.
I have been given medication and doctors hope that it will work and I will not need surgery. I will know by Thursday if this is the case or not. Fingers crossed it goes away on it’s own.
So what causes it?
Well, piladonial simply means ‘nest of hairs’- silly I thought since I’m not a hairy person at all- white girl with barely any body hair whatsoever… But apparently I do have some and it has perhaps caused this. As you all know, I also have lupus and I actually had one of these removed from a different part of the body around 18 months ago, it just decided to come back in another place.
What’s the treatment?
Well, a couple of things that aren’t too nice- no need to get into details and one which contain lidocaine and apparently makes my butt feel like it’s asleep.
Outcome? Possibly surgery and I’m not looking forward to that.
What a pain in the ***.

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