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Google Affiliate Ads Tryout - Am I Worthy?

Posted on the 01 November 2012 by Stayathomeninja @Home_Ninja
   Alright here we go,  I am going to experiment with the new Google affiliate ads. Oh what should I do what should I do. I know! I got a new smart phone a couple weeks ago. It's a SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS.  Did anything happen? Oh wait a little button just popped up, sweet,  I'm on my way to capitalism. Who is Jon Galt ? Sorry couldn't help myself.
   Just to put this out there,  if your upgrade is good to go on your phone plan,  here is a little tip that will save some cash.  Best Buy will match any price on phones.  For example I went to Walmart and found my Nexus for 97cents ( weird my laptop doesn't have cents symbol ) but they were out of stock.  So I went to Best Buy but the phone was $75.  Well I told them that it was 97 cents at Walmart and that I was told they (Best Buy) match prices.  So with a sad look on their face they gave me the phone for 97 cents.  Also, if your using Verizon, go with Best Buy's insurance plan and not Verizon's.  Verizon will charge you $100 deductible, Best Buy has no deductible and will get a phone asap if it's in stock ( Verizon will make you mail it in and thus no phone until they deem to send it back ).  Oh and I like the phone very much.  There ya go Google am I worthy?  Wow I feel kind of like a whore. 

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