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Get Me to the Feminist Tourist Board!

Posted on the 21 March 2013 by Luciferguson @Luciferguson
OK, I admit it, this post has nothing to do with feminism. However my last post did and that has had a steady number of views over the last month or so and I wanted to see if that was down to the title! Is it just a lot of feminists reading that one post?
However this is a post that should get me a job on a tourist board, so lets hope they recruit by looking at personal blogs hidden in dark and dusty corners of the internet. Fingers crossed!
So what have I done to earn this job? Well, I've thought of a way to get the tourists in even when the weather is bad. Discounts! With tourist attractions such as the Shard or the London Eye, the ideal time to go is a sunny day, right? However they still make for interesting and enjoyable days out when it's raining. So why not offer a discount on days when its soggy outside?
A few weeks ago Clive Anderson was on Room 101 and was discussing how nobody does things spontaneously any more. I can see what he means. There are a lot of comedians I have seen plugging their tickets on Twitter and the shows aren't on until 2014. Who is planning a night out that far in advance?
Of course these discounts won't be helpful to tourists who are planning ahead. However it will be great for getting locals out and into the city. Instead of staying in for the weekend because it's miserable people will decide to go out and take advantage of a cheaper trip to the top of the Shard. Simple! And once they're out then they'll be spending money on transport and diving into a cafe for a hot chocolate to warm up. It's such an easy economy boost!
If it's raining at 9am there's a discount until noon. If it's still raining at noon there is a discount until 3pm and so on! OK, you may miss out on a little money because you're knocking say 10% off all the prices. But the chances are you'll get more people coming in because you're offering a discount.
Am I missing something or am I a genius?

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