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Getting Older Sucks, but It's Better Than the Alternative...

Posted on the 21 July 2017 by Skip1957 @skip1957
First, let me say I hate going to the doctors. The reasons are many and varying, and far too long to write about, after all, my objective isn't to put my readers to sleep. Today marks the first day I voluntarily went to the doctors in a very long time. 

I remember when we first moved here, I was working for a printing company, and they asked me to go get a physical, I'm assuming they wanted to make sure I would be available for work for a little while. I had no family doctor, but my wife did, so I chose him. Dr. Hanson... a certified asshole. he wasn't a friendly guy at all, and I didn't like him. He chose to send me for a battery of tests, thank goodness he didn't send me for a prostate exam or a colonoscopy... I have never felt the need to be probed. 

I saw Dr. Hanson 3 times in 9 years, after which, he decided to take his talent of feeling boobies to a new level. He is now a certified plastic surgeon doing boob jobs... a boob working on boobs. Never liked that S.O.B.

The only other doctors I saw were at the hospital emergency room, twice for blood poisoning, and once for a broken arm. Neither of those times were very fun!

 As I've began to grow older, some things have become either worn out or just plain broke. Today I decided to finally go and have a tune up or a check up, whatever it is we call it. 

So today I went to the local clinic to see a doctor. I was the only person there, and wouldn't you know it, I still had a waiting time of an hour! Anyway the doctor finally saw me, and checked out my latest ailment. I have very bad psoriasis, and I've had a severe outbreak in the last month, so severe, I broke down to go to the doctor. 

Dr. Cameron seemed to be a hippie type, left over from the 70's. Long  graying hair pulled back into a ponytail, blue jeans, a tye tied t-shirt and sandals.  Just from his look,I was almost hoping he would prescribe some of that good medical marijuana... he didn't, bastard is keeping it for himself I guess! 

Anyway he prescribed two different ointments, and thank goodness for a drug plan, otherwise I'd have been out $216.00. He also thought it might be a good idea for me to have some blood work, for various things, one, liver disease... diabetes, and some other things. I'll hit the lab on Monday! 

I must say, I did like the doc, very nice man, hell, I may go see him again some time! 


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