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Glossary of Critical Thinking Terms

Posted on the 07 April 2017 by Ruperttwind @RuperttWind
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But the explorer had thought long and hard about a creative idea. He wasn't acting on a whim. He 8767 d applied plenty of critical thinking before sailing out to discover that yes, indeed, the Earth truly is round.

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Examples of fallacy labels are "circularity," "bandwagon," "post hoc," "equivocation," "non sequitur," and "straw person."

Critical Thinking

Hi there, I very much enjoy your copybloging. Particularly the one on Creative &amp Critical thinking. At 89 years old I started writing on a blog my son set up for me 6 months ago. I!m not a trained writer, but love enjoy reading anything that makes me stop and think and reading your copybloging frequently what an expert like you would say about a novice writer like me. In six months I have almost 655 articles posted &amp type with 7 fingers. I would be so grateful if you checked me out and left a comment. Thanks Anne Cleveland

How Good Are Your Critical Thinking Skills? - Copyblogger

a. Why?
b. What is your main point?
c. What do you mean by...?
d. What would be an example?
e. What would not be an example (though close to being one)?
f. How does that apply to this case (describe a case, which might well appear to be a counter example)?
g. What difference does it make?
h. What are the facts?
i. Is this what you are saying: ____________?
j. Would you say some more about that?

I try to bifurcate the critical and creative thinking process as much as possible. Creative thinking is all about numbers, the more ideas you produce the higher the probability of having a successful idea. The number of ideas you generate plummets when you allow critical thinking and creative thinking to take place in tandem.

reasoned judgment : Any belief or conclusion reached on the basis of careful thought and reflection, distinguished from mere or unreasoned opinion on the one hand, and from sheer fact on the other. Few people have a clear sense of which of their beliefs are based on reasoned judgment and which on mere opinion. Moral or ethical questions, for example, are questions requiring reasoned judgment. One way of conceiving of subject-matter education is as developing students' ability to engage in reasoned judgment in accordance with the standards of each subject.

Students speak and write in vague sentences because they have no rational criteria for choosing words. They simply write whatever words pop into their heads. They do not realize that every language has a highly refined logic one must learn in order to express oneself precisely. They do not realize that even words similar in meaning typically have different implications. Consider, for example, the words explain, expound, explicate, elucidate, interpret, and construe.

To become responsible critically thinking citizens and fairminded people, students must practice identifying national bias in the news and in their texts, and to broaden their perspective beyond that of uncritical nationalism. See ethnocentrism, sociocentrism, bias, prejudice, world view, intellectual empathy, critical society, dialogical instruction, knowledge.

Strong sense critical thinkers are not routinely blinded by their own points of view. They know they have points of view and therefore recognize on what framework of assumptions and ideas their own thinking is based. They realize the necessity of putting their own assumptions and ideas to the test of the strongest objections that can be leveled against them.

infer/inference : An inference is a step of the mind, an intellectual act by which one concludes that something is so in light of something else's being so, or seeming to be so. If you come at me with a knife in your hand, I would probably infer that you mean to do me harm. Inferences can be strong or weak, justified or unjustified. Inferences are based upon assumptions. See imply/implication.

Glossary of Critical Thinking Terms

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