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Greatest Story Ever Told is on Another Shelf

Posted on the 23 August 2013 by Somkritya @somkritya
Peter Cameron once wrote that one man’s nonsense is another man’s sense. God forbid if someday someone ever even in the tiniest possible way understood the nonsense I weave. That day my friends is not one I would like to see. That day all the dinosaurs and dodos will disappear from the face of earth for good and no one, not ever Steven Spielberg will be able to bring them back even on screen. Anyways so I was reading Zombie Haikus by Ryan Mecum. Let me take a moment here to tell you guys about Ryan Mecum. He is God of fun haikus and poems. Be it Zombies or Vampires or Werewolves, Ryan has written about all of them. like check these out- “Those were not vampires.If sunlight makes you sparkle,you’re a unicorn.” and“Blood is really warm,it’s like drinking hot chocolate but with more screaming.” Haan how cool is that? Click these links to read more and you will be so happy that may be you will adopt a vampire or a zombie today.  RYAN MECUM GOODREADSAND ON TWITTERTwitter-Mecum HaikuAND HIS WEBSITERYAN MECUM so as I was saying I was reading Zombie Haikus and was so horribly terribly inspired that I wrote a poem on Zombies ( cos I don’t know how to write a haiku)  which is Dark and Gory and deadly and deep and horrible and everything that is bad but in a good sort of way. There was once a zombie who married for treats, then the treats disappearedand all that was left was gift wraps and empty boxesThen he was shot in a grocery store cos people thought he was going to eat themand why a zombie would want to buy bleach they couldn’t understand But Zombies don’t die unless shot at head the grocery store security guy didn’t know thatso the zombie kept getting up and shot again and again and a few times moreit was like a big, giant story ofdeath and re birth all happening so fast and so may a timesand the security guy was in tearscrying why don’t you dieyou horrible thing with a bottle of bleachAll this was so funny in a horrible sort of wayGOOD LORD A ZOMBIE PIG I THINK I HAVE SEEN IT ALL MAY BE NOT I AM NOT THAT OLD


copyright Somkritya ( who else)

Happy weekend ya all :)

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