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Posted on the 11 August 2014 by Asoloaffair @a_solo_affair


new beginnings

I’ve been silent on the blogosphere lately. After working an intense job for 10 months and then spending the next six months recovering and working on my own projects, (Confession: I think I’m addicted to start-ups) I’ve taken full advantage of my flexible schedule and spent a lot of time in nature, relaxing and gettin’ my read on.

I’ve been pondering big things like: how do I want to live my life and whom do I want in it? And the most pressing: why is being solo so necessary to my own personal growth? And how (seriously, how?!) does one find time to explore solitude when in a relationship?

How have you been? Read anything great lately? Hit me up with a new blog, I’m in need of a refresher!



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