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Guess Who's Calling?

Posted on the 28 August 2013 by Ellacoquine @ellacoquine

guess who's calling?
As we bid farewell to summer, which for many of us rewarded us with some much-needed time off, minty cocktails, and endless days, I am currently en route back to the City of Light...with one small detour.
Ladies and gents, as the illustration suggests, I write to you from London! And I couldn't be happier to be here! It's been years since I have been to this great city and being here now only a few hours I find myself asking, why don't I hop over from France more often? It seems silly at this point not to.
There is one catch to my sudden London calling: I only have six hours here! Six hours? What gives? It was a decision that my mother and I jointly gave birth to yesterday morning as we looked at the oversold flights going to CDG from JFK.
The thing is, this time of year almost always poses a problem for me, the perpetual stand-by passenger who uses my mom's family passes to travel. With the flights from JFK to CDG brimming with Parisians shuffling back home in time for la rentrée (it still gives me butterflies that that now includes me!) meant that my chances of flying out this week were grim. With Aurel safely on an a prepaid, full-fare Air France flight, instead of testing my luck with laborious days begging to get on a flight, and with time not on my side as I start work soon, I decided to hop on a red-eye to Heathrow. (And yes, I totally thought of Hugh Grant and too got that sneaky feeling that love was, actually all around.)
I got in a 7:30 this morning and my train back to Paris departs tonight. I'm wiped out, I feel greasy and my eyes hurt but I'm in London. So to wrap up yet another wonderful summer season, I welcome this one-day adventure in one of Europe's most celebrated cities! Wish me luck!
Oh, and I have one question for you, my English readers, and be honest with me here, do you guys think our American accents sounds as cool as we think your English accents sound? I keep talking to people and no one seems terribly impressed with my...hmm, yeah, I think I just answered my own question.

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