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Guys, Sending Dick Pics to Unsuspecting Ladies Is Not Cool....

Posted on the 01 August 2017 by Skip1957 @skip1957
As I stated in another post, I've moved some posts from another site, the below is one of those posts, also this post was the reason for another post I wrote, I hope you enjoy reading! :)
While browsing my newsfeed on FaceBook this morning,I noticed a little tidbit of information that many don't seem to realize or understand. I wonder who the fool was that started this trend. I wonder if it was done on purpose, or the fool was in the washroom at a urinal talking on his phone and took a pic accidently or not? I bet if it was an accident, it surprised the hell out of him and shocked the poor lady.It would seem that there are some men, who seem to think that ladies just love to see pics of their dicks. No, they didn't ask to have them sent, some men seem to think that their junk, is so pretty that they need to share the family jewel photo album to the world. Many women are not only shocked but outraged at this practice. I don't blame them. This behavior is actually considered sexual harassment. I have no idea what some of these dickheads are thinking, well actually I don't believe they are thinking, at least not with the "right" head. I would never send a lady a dick pic, for two reasons. First, I don't think it is appropriate and lacks class. Second, it would totally piss my wife off. Men, keep the little guy in your pants. If a lady really wants to see it, they'll ask, and probably don't want a pic, but the real thing, up close and in person. Now wouldn't that be much better all around? Show some restraint, show some class.  Could you imagine if you pocket dialed your sweet,dear, little gray haired old grandma, and a pic of your dick was sent to her? She'd probably die of a heart attack, and think of the undertaker, trying to wipe the shock/smile off her face!   
  GUYS, NO MORE DICK PICS!Guys, Sending Dick Pics to Unsuspecting Ladies Is Not Cool.... BB84CBJNBGNM

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