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Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!!! Love Your Mama

Posted on the 01 April 2013 by Kclark051 @classickc

Well my beautiful one year old. We have made it through this crazy, hectic, amazing first year with you. I couldn't be more proud to be your mommy and have you as my daughter. Bringing you into this world has been my best achievement in life and always will be. You have filled my heart with so much love that I never knew even existed. You make me smile everyday, all day....ok well maybe not when you are throwing your crazy screaming fits because you want mama just to pick you up, but you are still the cutest girl ever when you are!!.
From the very first moment you were placed on my chest I knew that I would forever have my heart walking around outside my body for life.
Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!!! Love your Mama
You are my whole world and are my whole heart. You have brought so much to joy into so many people's lives since you have been born. You have brought people and families closer because you are loved by so many people. Especially with a face like this!Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!!! Love your Mama
You are the funniest, silliest girl ever. I love watching you while I am bathing you and the water is running and you pout your lips and move your head closer and closer towards the running water and try and put your face under it, but then you get scared when you have reached the water. I love the funny sounds you make. I love listening to all your grunts, snorts, little giggles and yes even your snoring lol. Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!!! Love your Mama
I am so happy that I have been off this past year from work and I was able to see all of your very important firsts. It has been so much fun to be able to see that first smile on your face, the first time rolling over, the first time you laughed, the first time you crawled, the first time you started to eat real human food, the first time you said those amazing first words. It has been amazing to see your first tooth come in, the first time I saw you clap your hands and actually know what you are doing. My favorite two first moments of yours are when you took those steps towards us. It was just so amazing to see that as a first time mom. The second is the moment you learned how to give us kisses. These are my favourites and I am sure they always will be. Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!!! Love your Mama
Overall this first year with you has just been so amazing, just minus the sleepless nights but everything in between has been a blessing. I am so excited to see what this next year together will bring us. I hope you have an amazing day and you will be spoiled rotten today, just like you are every other day lol!. 
I also found this cute little questionnaire over at Little Baby Garvin that I thought would be fun to do also. I hope you enjoy reading about some of your favourites baby girl!. 
Age: OneFavorite Foods: rice, spaghetti, banana's and now soup(mama's girl right there with that)
Favorite Words: mama, dada and YA lol
Favorite Toy: for sure your bunny is still your number one favorite. You also love your books and a really noisy toy
Favorite Activities: At the moment, you love having us try and chase after you back and forth anywhere lol. You love your walks and most of all you just love to walk period. You are always on the go
Least Favorite Activities: SLEEPING....you seem to just hate it. You always want to stay up with us and just play. You also hate when you can't get something you can't have and you have already learned to cry if you don't get it lol.
Nicknames: Boo Boo, Belles, Belle, Munchkin, Princess and Boo Bear
Mom's Proudest Moment: My proud moments have been able to see you accomplish so much. From your first steps, first clap of your hands and your first time saying mama
Mom's Not-So Proudest Moment: Had the little boo boo in the cart at Wal-Mart one day, I guess one of the buckles came lose and when I went to move the cart to keep going and pushed it a little harder then usual and her mouth got knocked on the handle bar.....WORST FEELING EVER. She cried and cried the whole time we were in there.
Dad's Proudest Moment: Coming from him, he would say the first time she said dada as it was technically her first actual word, and he loves how she has learned to give her kisses to all of us.
Dad's Not-so Proudest Moment: He was bathing you and went to go rinse the soap out of your hair and he didn't realize that he turned the water to freezing cold and went to go pour it in your head and you were so shocked by the cold and you just completely freaked out and did not like it all!

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