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Tomorrow is a BIG Day for Both Me and Baby B

Posted on the 17 March 2013 by Kclark051 @classickc
Well my little baby girl, tomorrow is a BIG day for both me and you. Tomorrow is your first day of daycare. The first day that someone else rather then your mama will be looking after you, and it is breaking my heart to even write this and even think about. I have been dreading this day for quite some time because I cant bare to be without you for a whole day even a few hours on your first day that you go there. When I took you there last week for an hour to talk to some of the caregivers and let you see how you would react to being there it actually made me cry. I put you down to go play and you turned back to look at me for a split second and then you were off playing and that is when I had my heart broke for that split second, because it made me think that you don't need me and you are fine. While watching you play and go up to those caregivers and they were cuddling you and giving little kisses to you which should be my kisses and not theirs. I can honestly say that I am a selfish mom and only I want to be that person doing that.
I know this will be good for you as you will be able to interact with other babies your age and you will have  a blast I am sure. This is the beginning on where you will really start to learn different things. I am excited for those days when I come pick you up and you will have little drawings on what is going on in that little big head of yours. I am excited to see how creative you will be and the stories you will tell me and your daddy. I am excited to see how happy you will be when we come pick you up at the end of the day.
Tomorrow is a BIG day for both Me and Baby B
Just know that mama would love to just stay at home with you and be able to teach you everything you need to  know in this world(or as much as I can teach you). I would love to be able to take you to play classes myself, but I cant. Mama has to go back to work so we can provide you with the best things in life that you deserve. Your daddy and I just want to work really hard for you because you are the best thing that has happened to us. If I could stay home and still get paid just know that I would in a second.
I hope tomorrow goes well for both of us, I know I will be a wreck even though you are only going in for a few hours, but it will make it so much better when I get to come pick you up.
Love Mommy
Until Next Time XO

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