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Posted on the 18 February 2017 by Chetan @smilingchetan

Last week I was watching a talk show wherin one of my favorite actors Akshaye Kumar was taking to the audience and said, "It is 30 % hardwork and 60-70%luck or fate that decides success for someone".

 I partly agree and partly disagree to this statement, and  not that I started thinking  when I watched this show, but infact this thought had been lingering in my mind since many years and I had always thought about this whenever I succeeded or failed  in my life. I use to roam around in my room or in open space on terrace that was I so bad that I deserved a failure or did I really work that hard that I achieved  success. I use to laugh and feel happy on my success and use to cry and feel bad on my failure. I gave credit to my hardwork and my passion on my success and gave credit to my fate on my failure. I, because of all my successes and failures in life do say that I partly agree and partly disagree. 

I never had clear thoughts on this but now decided to write down something, and may be in the process I would clear that vagueness from my thought process.. I understand that there is not  a perfect explanation to this but I am writing what I think and believe at this point of my life. 

Astrology is a science that has the ability to tell or predict  a person's future, or in simple words I should say that it is a science to tell what is stored in someone's fate. I do not know how Astrology works and how is it able to predict future, and the only thing I have heard about is it happens with some calculation related to movement of stars. The rest of the theory is vague to me, and I also refrain from going to a fortuneteller, because I get biased if he predicts something and then I would start working only in that direction and not think of other directions. I want to be free in my life and not guided by some fortuneteller's predictions.

I have read many books as well and have almost lived half or a bit lesser life and with my experiences of life and the books that I have read , I believe that it is only your work, will power, dedication and decisions that builds your career. It is that innerdrive within a person that makes him or her go to any extent of dedication to achieve success. I use to believe this as the only criteria to achieve success and whatever I want in my life.

But  even with this, I have felt and experienced that some people do not attain success or get what they actually wished for. There had been people who worked so hard in their lives but did not earn enough or experience success and happiness in their lifetime.  I then found that there was one piece missing to that conclusion about achieving success, and may be then I should end this mind debate. I realized this when I was watching one of the sitcoms and  in that people were praying and were asking  for well wishes for the protagonist. I thought that it was a natural phenomenon that people in their life  ask god for good health of an ill person, pray for each other, talk good about someone they like, and this phenomenon is so closely connected with an aphorism  that only the things that you attract with your actions and thoughts will come back to you.I have always believed in this but have never thought that it would be the missing link in my thoughts about fate and hardwork. In other words, it says that the more you exude positive vibrations, more of that optimism will come back to you. 

When you are good with somebody, talk well, then the other guy will think good of you, might even pray for your success and will exude good vibes about you in this world, and that goodness of the other guy about you will also come back to you. This happens because you have been good with that person. Everyone has well wishes of their family or loved ones but they might not be sufficient for your success because you not only interact with your family but with innumberable of people in your lifetime and you leave your footprints in their minds and hearts about yourself. All these people, with whom you interact, leave a footprint with their good or bad thoughts about you outside. These footprints or thoughtprints, I should say, shape your life coupled with your work and dedication. This is how I define and understand the role of fate in our lives and i.e actually our own thought prints which is returned to us. The combination of these thoughtprints and that inner drive to achieve success looks to be a real mantra for achieving success, and their proportion in our lives could be different like one can be lower and the latter can be higher. I can not even prove this to myself, but this looks more meaningful when I see around and observe lives of different people. 

I think that I have never been bad to anyone but then my mind debates that have I always worked hard and have that wall like determination to succeed, and my other heart goes silent and does not have a reply to this claim, and then think that I have to balance that proportion to achieve success. I do not know if this is right or wrong, but it is about what decisions you take with your life and how you want to shape your life. I think this is a better way of living up your life, and leave good thoughtprints about yourself with everyone out there.

Be Good to Everyone and the Best will come back to You.

P.S: There is actually more to this because what about those people who are born in poor families or are alone with their birth. Did they get enough chance to be good to everyone out and give the best of their effots in their life? Well, this requires another post and more thoughts. Till then , Keep smiling and take care....

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