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Hello My Little Milestones.

Posted on the 01 October 2012 by Luciferguson @Luciferguson
Earlier this month I was excited to see my blog had finally had 400 views. And last night I hit 450. That means I had 50 views in around two weeks. I know some blogs will get 50 views in a day, or maybe 450 in a week, but 50 views in two weeks feels very impressive to me. Am I wrong?
I started this blog in February 2011. For a while I was only writing one post a month, if that. But now I've tried to pick up my blogging rate and I feel like, as some sort of reward, my increased activity has bought me more readers.
True, most of my readers get here from my plugs on twitter, and most of the visits will be from the same people, but I am still very happy to know people are reading this rambling blog.
The thing is, it makes me want to know who you all are! I want to find out if you're even real. So leave a comment and say hi, maybe give me a link to your own blog? Or if you've arrived her via twitter you could RT the tweet that got you here, or again, just send me a tweet and say hi.
On another positive note, my post from last week about the writing society was right to be so optimistic. It was a good meeting and I'm happy to go back this week. A lot of people went last week and I don't expect that they'll all be back this time. That means it'll be a smaller group who I should get to be really comfortable with. Yay!
Now I shall leave you be. I have a mirror and some photo frames I need to be painting. And, if it stops raining, I have to drag myself to the shops too!

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