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HEMP...Not Just For Rope Anymore

Posted on the 06 February 2018 by Skip1957 @skip1957
Well, say what you want, but who knew? All those years of sneaking around smoking a little weed, and now they are legalizing it! Now here in Canuck land, (Canada) we aren't fooling around, we aren't doing it province by province, not like the "Murikans" state by state, nope, no sirree! We're letting the whole dayum country get stoned together, all at the same time! Yup, soon to be totally legal, all the government has to do, is figure how they are going to make their 90% profit off it, and it's time to pass the doobies! 

I've heard the old wacky backy called a "gateway drug". I can't remember how many times I smoked weed, and thought to myself, "well, that was alright, but I think I need some heroin"! What a pile of crap! About all it did was make me spend more money on junk food, and help empty my parents refrigerator a little faster. 

Nope, I never did see it as a gateway to try other things that I as a thinking individual, would try, I didn't need to see all those commercials about, this is your brain on drugs... nor did I need Betty Ford to tell me to "Just say No!"

I remember back in the late 70's, there was a "town hall" meeting, to school the young teens about the evils of the wicked weed... I remember one "expert" tell us we could end up cooking a baby while we were high. Well, only if we were a cannibal and a serial killer... or very, very, hungry, and we didn't have anything else in the house at the time... (Sorry, me with my sick sense of humour)

Just a funny story here, I once hung out with a group of fellows who all partook of the weed. We would pool our money together, buy an ounce or two, and the party was on. Well, one of the guys had a big old Chevy, and he'd pick us all up every evening, and off we'd go. Well I worked late one day, so he got to my house a few minutes after I'd just arrived home. So there I was, wearing my best stove pipe jeans, tucked into my untied work boots. So I climbed into his car and off we went. 

Well we were sitting in a farmers field, passing a doobie around, and all of a sudden I felt a sharp burning pain in my foot. I looked down and noticed my sock had caught fire. Apparently the end of the doobie fell into my work boot. The guys laughed their asses off as I jumped out of the car and took that boot off, and put my sock out...

Now we have found out that many cures and relief can be found in marijuana and hemp derivatives. No, not just smoking it, but by products that are created from the plant. Oils, salves and so much more. Most much cheaper than prescription drugs and some more effective. These products are not designed to "get you high", and have a very low level of THC, the ingredient in weed that causes the high. They are designed to give you pain relief and so much more. 

There are many different products for many different uses from hemp! Health, Nutrition, Anti-Aging, even for your Household Pets! HEMP...Not Just For Rope Anymore

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