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Hey Schoo Teecha Whassup

Posted on the 06 August 2013 by Somkritya @somkritya
Some songs have an angry soul and to sing them properly you must have your body pierced at several places, hair dyed multiple colours, clothes borrowed from zombies and be ready to smash everything around after you have sung the song to set free the soul that is trapped in the words. But sometimes you are not prepared for hard punk badass rock at all and the time is such that nothing else will do, in those unexpected extreme cases you can let go of rules and just do with whatever you can manage, like smash whatever, slam doors, throw water on somebody, flaunt your middle finger so much that people forget there are 4 more in that hand and sing the songs you just have to. This is one of those and was written by a mother sitting in the school gym waiting for the school teachers to show up for a Parent-Teachers Meeting. They never did and hence this shout. I believe every soul no matter how delicate or sophisticated it looks, has a bad ass punk side, which most of the time is in form of a cyst, throw at it some nasty capsules and see the magic. This post is what happens when the cyst breaks, enjoy or whatever…punk_rock_cock_simple_funny_wallpapers_V-s1280x800-109386-580PTM was at Nine and now it’s Nine Fourtynot a single teacher has comejust cleaning staff and meR.I.P Punctualityyay yay so bogue yay yaydo you feel the funk?≡òó≡wanna hit the school clocktear the paintings on the wallLittle voices creepin’ in my headwhat if no one else comes all alone all alone in the school gymjust cleaning staff and meR.I.P punctualitywou wou wou≡òó≡creepy nasty weird creaturesmy daughter’s school teacherswhat happened here todayno one told me or sent a notemeeting rescheduled next Saturdayoh my gaaaaaww… d so wanna be in a brawlbut there is no one around creepitee crapiteeR.I.P Punctualiteeeeeeee≡òó≡I wish I had a guitarto smash on the school wallwon’t let go of the school belland this was why I landed in jailthe police came on tai…..umgo to hell punctualitywhat are you lookin’ atnever seen a zebra flying ?R.I.P whatever ends with ‘e’≡òó≡Copyright is ON and so is the fan and the light and the toaster.

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