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Hot Cross Buns & Chores. Is Your Satuday This Exciting?

Posted on the 28 April 2012 by Thecomfortablebaker @andisapplecakes
So I'm boldly going into the world of yeast breads. Very slowly, but I'm still venturing. Dipping my toe in, I guess. I was never very good at it, but I've made progress with the rising and the proofing, so I feel that it's time to make a go. I worked on the hot cross buns for my MIL last night. She remembers the original Friehofers ones. No icing crosses, and come to find out, they are pretty much a cinnamon bun with raisins in it, and a sugary top. I think I made a pretty good stab at it last night. K said that the sugary top was right, just needed more sugar, and they weren't bad, but more raisins and more cinnamon.  So I'm going to take a few down to Mom's and see what she thinks of them. 
I'm beginning to be a pro at pizza dough, I've got a really great, simple, dough that I'll make sure that I share the recipe for. It's super easy and it freezes well and, It works out to be so much cheaper then getting a pizza in. Well today is a chore day, aren't all Saturday's chore days? At least in my house then are. I'm needed in the yard and at the wash machine. So off I go!!

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