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How Am I

Posted on the 05 November 2012 by Piaiamps @pemarikresta

I'm okay.
No. Not really.
Nobody has asked me how am I for quite a time now, except for my boyfriend who's obviously obliged to do so in every day of our lonely life. It's not that I'm not contented with him asking stuff about me, I get ridiculously a lot as a matter of fact. It's that I kind of miss people who actually care to know what's going on with me. Okay, don't know where this is going. It's like this: I think I've lost friends and I didn't even notice it.
I know I'm the one to blame because as a friend, it is my duty to check up on them (and I'm a pro in pushing people away), but they don't do it to me, and isn't it a reciprocal obligation on either friend to care for each other? Like love - there must be give and take too. I mean, I just can't give and give, can I? I need some too. And today, it's like nobody cares about anybody anymore. And I hate it.
I don't want to be like others who forget their friends once they get into a relationship. I told myself before that I'd absolutely be not one of them. I've been a friend my whole life and I know for sure how it feels to be the last option and happy just the same, for a friend. I don't want them to be outsiders of my world. Sure I'd love some quiet time with my boyfriend, but I'd still want them to be part of our lives. Just adding a new guy to the group. Yes, they are friends with snotty Ambin. But it just feels weird, like we're alone.
This is such a childish post. I guess I just miss everyone.
I'm back in the city and so ready for the second semester (naman). I thank my Lord for giving me another chance. Sigh. My God is just incredible.
What else. I might post more sembreak stories too, if I don't get lazy or whatever. And oh, I'm officially enrolled! Just this morning! I am so proud of the tellers at school. They are the fastest and most efficient human beings! Ever! AND, no more new semester resolution for me. Just gonna do my best, super saiyan best!
Happy hunger games tributes! Welcome back to school!
PS. Did you guys notice my new header?! It's by juliusrenz89! Thank you! :)

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