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How I'm Self Isolating Alone

Posted on the 18 March 2020 by Omfgwinnie @omfgwinnie
HOW I'M SELF ISOLATING ALONEMy "working from home" has quite frankly come to a halt. There is only so much I can do with the limited resources I have when thrown into this self-isolating-working-from-home situation on a Sunday evening by Whatsapp. I've never worked from home before and I'm certainly not used to no human contact for more than a few hours. The only way I can describe how this feels is to compare this to that intense revision period before summer exams at uni. You know, those intense 2 weeks of cramming?
I live by myself so I don't have anyone to talk to and when there's not much to do, I resort to going on social media just like everyone else. People are using their platform to tell others to self isolate and rightfully so but I can't help but notice the majority of these people are the same people who are surrounded by their partners, friends and family. They're the ones preaching about how important it is to self isolate while still parading their social lives indoors. It's one thing staying inside with other people but it's a complete different story for those staying indoors by themselves. It's extremely lonely. I rely on being outside, being surrounded by people, even if they are just strangers, to boost my mood. I rely on human connection. That's not to say I can't be with myself, I'm not uncomfortable being in present with myself but I'm saying I need a healthy balance of both and when one of these is stripped away, my mental health starts to take a toll. Without the human connection, I fall further into the pits of self isolation, so deep that it gets quite difficult to pull myself out of. I often need a helping hand.
With no end date in sight of how long this is going to last, I've drafted up some ideas of what I'm planning to do during this period and what I need to do stay positive in this awfully difficult time.
1. Minimalise social media screen time
Minimalise and reduce dramatically. I'm still on my laptop all day and I've a tendency to look at social media every so often throughout the day to know that there IS civilization out there. It's taking a toll on my mental health as I'm watching the Instagram stories of people I follow sharing their self isolation time surrounded by people and it creates a toxic cloud over my head as I reflect on why no-one is around me?
2. List clothes on Ebay
I'm always putting new items up on my Depop (you can have a browse here) but never on Ebay, I always found it time consuming to put it on Ebay whereas it was just SO easy to upload via Depop. Increase the chances of making more money eh?
3. Watch credit card videos
There's been a negative energy surrounding credit creds since the dawn of time and I too was caught up in the bad rep of credit cards (refer Confessions of a Shopaholic). This year I've made a vow to myself to get a credit card and to get my finances in order. It was made apparent to me that I'm spending money regardless for no benefit when I can spend that exact money and get rewarded?! Not everyone is best suited for a credit card and it's up to you to do your own research.
YouTube has recently suggested me a workout video by Chloe Ting and up until now I had never heard of her but it seems like I'm late to the at home workout bandwagon as anyone who has ever worked out at home has heard of her. What better way to try working out at home than now for days I don't go to the gym?
5. Go for a walk
I'm lucky enough to live very close to some well known parks in London and I have an array to choose from within walking distance that requires zero use of public transport. There is no reason to not go for a walk in a park for fresh air as long as you're aware of social distancing.
6. Watch films
Pretty obvious but they help to transport you to another world forgetting the current existence of this one. Even if temporary, it does help to pass the time.

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