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How Much Do You Weigh?

Posted on the 20 January 2013 by Fab40foibles @fab40foibles


How much do you weigh?



I was reading an article in today's Guardian (this is officially a VLW - very lazy weekend, so you'll have to find the link yourselves today) which was talking about how women snack in secret - fair enough I thought, who wants to share the chocolate with the kids? It's bad for them.


So far, so Guardian.


However I was taken aback by the fact that women lie about their weight.


To whom?




I have never dreamed of asking a friend, or of telling them how much I weigh, who cares?


Until now I've always asked them what they are reading, or told them about my latest classic teaching moment, e.g. -



We've obviously been having the wrong sort of conversation.


Apart from the anesthetist I have never thought to tell anyone my weight.


Oh well, now I know. I'll just sneak behind the sofa to finish this kitkat then I'll be back with the details.


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