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Instant Solution to Be More Efficient

Posted on the 29 March 2013 by Fab40foibles @fab40foibles



As you probably know if a) you have met me, b) you’ve taken a look at this blog ( and especially the gaps between posts) I don’t have oodles of free time when I lay around, peeling grapes, thinking “ what can I do now?”


I also suffer from an organization syndrome known as “rush about like a headless chicken, shouting at spouse and offspring trying to find what I’ve just put down”. A long title for a syndrome I grant you, so we’ll just call it “faff” for short.


Anyway, I have come across a simple, cheap, easy to achieve way of adding hours to my day and increasing my concentration fivefold.


Want to know what?


Do you? Do you?


OK, here it is.








Even at weekends, no going there until 4pm.


I still have enough time to spend spying on friends and pretending to have a really fun, glam lifestyle, but now I find myself with lots of extra minutes hidden all through my day.


So now I have time to write posts like this.

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