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How to Change an Unbalanced World

Posted on the 20 May 2012 by Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
How to Change an Unbalanced World Growing up I kept thinking that changing myself into a better person everyone else will follow subconsciously my example and finally make some visible changes as an ensemble. Now I've come to a place in my life where I began to question and seriously doubt that. But before lashing out on the world about how pissed I am I want to take a trip down the memory lane and remember all the good things I did towards a better world of tomorrow.
I am no saint, I'm far from being one and never intend to be, I just treat others the way I want to be treated, but considering we don't leave in a perfect world that hardly is a rule. Some people I know may argue with that and say that some people are treated badly by me, but in my defense I'm just applying my own not-so-much rule of treating them the way I was treated. I'm revengeful that way.
I've always been a lousy student, high-school or university, these institution failed to teach me a lot of things such as never throw garbage wherever I please to, say "thank you" whenever is the case but also in cases there is no need to, just to make someone's day, failed to teach treating others with basic respect, failed to teach to never judge somebody without having some facts, and I can go on and on but the idea is I taught that myself out of my principle of never treating others the way I don't want to be treated, is that simple.
I might be wrong but I also might be right when I say that if the world isn't going to realize its major issues and one of them is choosing quantity over quality soon it is going to implode. I get that people are sick of reading and learning new things but their biggest problems is lack of prioritizing, they learn things they don't need and ignore those things that are important for them. We all have choices and as long as we keep that in mind we have better chances of making the right ones. When making a decision make sure it the right one for you as well as for others, don't be selfish, remember that making a wrong choice would set a bad example for others and from my experience following a bad example is a lot easier, also keep in mind that someday you're going to be a victim of someone who followed your bad example. Karma is a bitch and she always gets you no matter where you hide. People's minds are much more powerful than we give credit for, sending bad thoughts can be very damaging.
Many of us have tools and resources to changes people's lives, big masses of people but many of us choose not to. We all have good and bad habits, why not make "doing good to others" one of them ? From my own experience I can tell that sometimes is infinitely rewarding, it makes you feel good about yourself, it can literally make you happy that you changed someone's life, in a very small way you felt like God. In one my articles I wrote about being empathetic to others which means to understand other people through your own body fibers without having to experience their feelings, the ability of recognize those feelings in the first place. Fully understanding them you'll come to knowing what to offer them, you'll know how to help them, to what extent.
I often feel powerless to help others no matter how much I want to, I'm in need of help myself but I do hope that I'll see the day when I will have all I need to change an infinity of lives, some people feed off others misery, I need others to feel happy in order to feel happy myself, I also hope you feel the same way, it's not fair to be happy when so many people around you are miserable.
Let's bring some balance, let's find a way for all of us to be happy and one of way of coming closer to that is simply by asking more often "How can I help you?"
If something comes up in mind while reading this article feel free to share your thoughts on your policy of helping others. 
I would like to ask you about your way of changing the world ? How are you doing it ? What are your obstacles ? How do you overcome them ?

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