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How to Fix a Sagging Mattress?

Posted on the 01 August 2018 by Martinisandminivans @martinisandmini

A sagging mattress may cause your low-quality sleeps, backaches, and other annoying problems. So, check my post for the ways how to fix a sagging mattress.

A good mattress is one of the indicators ensuring your sleep quality. If your mattress is sagging in some spots, that means it needs repairing or replacing by the new one. Repairing is a great idea for you to not only save money but also keep your familiar mattress. This article will recommend you how to fix a sagging mattress with simple and easy-to-apply methods.

Simple ways to fix a sagging mattress?

A good-quality sleep plays an important role in boosting your mental and physical health. An uncomfortable mattress may affect your sleep negatively. If you wake up with the painfulbodiessuch as backaches, shoulder, neck pains or even sleeplessness, you need to repair or replace your mattress. Nothing can last forever, and your mattress is not exceptionable. However, unless it's sinking too much, you can fix it by yourself. Here are some simple ways on how to fix a sagging mattress:

Use a mattress topper.

There are many different reasons causing to sagging mattress, such as using it frequently, aging of foam leading to spitting inner components, lack of maintenance, high moisture, uneven placement on mattress surface, ...Firstly, inspect what's under the mattress. Why does it become sagging? In some cases, a mattress topper may be useful. The topper can make you feel softer or firmer by sagging along with sagging mattress. You can use a firm topper to support your body.

The topper also has many different types like memory foam, down-filled, fiber filled and latex. A thick topper is also a great choice for you to give extra support. A topper formed from memory foam will cover and balance out the lumpy and deep depressed surface. Your body will experience even and comfortable feeling.

Put the pillow under the sagging spots: If your mattress is sagging in the middle, fill the gap below by adding pillows to prevent the sinking from occurring. Your mattress will look more even.

Replace the flats: Lack of supporting from the flats under your mattress are also one of the reasons leading to sagging. Checking and replacing the new flats may help them to support your mattress appropriately.

Replace box springs: Check the box springs of your mattress. If they have any problem, replace by the new one to have the best result. Don't worry about the cost. It's surely cheaper than buying a new mattress.

How to prevent a mattress from sagging?

Like most things, prevention always a better and easier option than cure. These methods below can help you to prevent your mattress from sagging.

+ Rotate your mattress, then flip it in three cycles. This is the best temporary solution to delay sagging. The first is rotating the mattress (not flipping), then the head position turns to the foot position. The second is flipping not rotating, and the last one is rotating. Ensure that the result is opposite with the initial position.

+ Inspect it frequently to keep both the spring box and slats of your bed frame in good condition. This inspection ensures that they are always in appropriate position and the bounce springs support relatively.


In conclusion, with the hope of ensuring your high-quality sleep and health, this article brings you some methods on how to fix a sagging mattress and how to prevent your mattress from sagging. A mattress without sinking helps you to avoid sleepless or any back-related problems.

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