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How to Get a ROCK STAR to Sleep in Your Treehouse.

Posted on the 31 July 2012 by Lynne @lynneknowlton

1.  Build a tree-house.

2.  Meet a Rock Star

3.  Become a groupie.  It is (embarrassingly mind-blowingly…. FUN)


Oh yeah….recently….

I want to live the life of a groupie.

Just for kicks.

How to get a ROCK STAR to sleep in your treehouse.

Why ?! Because it freakin’ rocks !!


 Have you ever been up close to a rock star? They are HAWT.

Wipe that smile off your face!  You know what I am talking about.


{ Why did my parents raise me to be honest?! It is waayyyy more fun to tell lies }

How to get a ROCK STAR to sleep in your treehouse.

Carly Rae Jepsen with our daughter Mackenzie= smiles

We met Brian Byrne, the lead singer of I MOTHER EARTH many years ago.  In our barn. Yup. BARN.  We have an annual drunk-fest Thanksgiving {pot luck} dinner in our barn.

Barn + Brian’s voice = BLISS

It is always a pot luck dinner in our barn.  Most of my family & friends are concerned that I will poison people with my cooking.  The truth hurts.  But it set me free :)

It didn’t get me out of doing dishes, but it did get me out of cooking.

The great singing also distracted everyone from the belly flops that I did in the pool. Music happiness belly flops.

Smart friends I have.

 I only wish that POT luck meant more than just food.  No one would have heard the splashes.


Want to see Brian sing? Here is a sneak peak from a vid he did many years ago.

It is still one of my faves :

The first time I met him, I spent most of my time trying not to jump up and down like a goof ball of happiness.  I pretended I was COOL.  It lasted about 3 seconds.

Trust me, when you see how HAWT a rock star can be….up close and personal…you will make a fool of yourself drooling (too). No, I didn’t drool.  At least not when anyone was looking.  I joke, I joke.  I didn’t drool because he was dead sexy, I drooled because he’s one of the warmest souls on earth.

How to get a ROCK STAR to sleep in your treehouse.

Michael and I – Why am I not smiling?! The inside of me was totally giggling!

Brian exudes a happiness and warmth about him, that is contagious.  His heart is as big as bag of gold.  Bigger.  He also tells some really great Newfie stories.

 Like…roll on the floor, belly laugh, pee your pants…funny Newfie stories.

 It’s probably not politically correct to say Newfie, so just skip that word.  BUT it is legal in this case, because our buddy is from Newfoundland.

That Newfie can sure tell a great story!

How to get a ROCK STAR to sleep in your treehouse.

I bet he is texting me to tell me not to tell NEWFIE jokes. :)

IME recently opened for NICKELBACK. P.S. Nickelback once opened for IME, many moons ago.  Funny how life goes.  Everything truly does come FULL CIRCLE.  I love that!

Brian is one kind, down-to-earth, salt of the earth, beautiful heart of a man.  The love of his life is an INCREDIBLE GAL- so ladies…don’t get your hopes up. Drats, huh?! If I didn’t love Tara, I would have kicked her in the knees for taking Brian off the market from all the other gals.  But, she is as warm and awesome as Brian is.  So there.  I am afraid I can’t take her out at the knees.

How to get a ROCK STAR to sleep in your treehouse.

Now I am not saying ALL these nice things about Brian because I am smitten with his golden locks of hair.  Ok, I sort of am.  But truly, he has been a long time friend, and a loyal one at that.

 I believe in keeping friends close to my heart.

{Especially when they are cute.} Jokes.

How to get a ROCK STAR to sleep in your treehouse.


* Take a look around.

* You will see beauty in your friends.

* You will feel strength in their support

* You will feel LOVE …because they care.  They truly care.

* Tell them that you LOVE THEM.


Find your passion.

Of course, GROUPIE is my latest passion but I am trying to keep that under wraps.

(That, and cupcake addiction passion.)

What’s your passion?!

Maybe these eyes will help you to dream A PASSION up :

Oh, la, la ….

How to get a ROCK STAR to sleep in your treehouse.

Adam Gontier – lead singer of THREE DAYS GRACE

When you find your passion, shout it out to the world.

 Shout it out even into your own heart.

Share it.

 You will be a force for good.

That is what life is all about.

My Wish For You….

How to get a ROCK STAR to sleep in your treehouse.

Quote via “positive outlooks blog”

Big love,


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