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How We Deal with Dis-Ease

Posted on the 06 July 2022 by Sani09 @sani09

 Two years back, N made a daily Zoom call where a few people would get together and chant a Consciousness mantra in the morning before we start our days. I did that for about a month and then caught Covid, got hospitalized and forgot all about the group.

A year later, I checked my whatsapp messages thoroughly to find the group still active. I joined one of the calls. Only N and another person was there in the call. N had her hair short.

"Why did you cut your hair short?" I asked without any point of view.

"Just like that. A new style."

"I think the stylist didn't cut it properly."

"I cut it myself, actually."

But something was wrong, The haircut somehow didn't make sense. She looked like she lost weight too. I asked her again.

She said that in a few cultures, people cut their hair short when their husbands die, and even though many people asked her that but I can trust her that it wasn't that at all. Her husband too had cut his hair short.

"People do this when they go through chemotherapy too," I said. I didn't know what got into me to say this but I did. I was wondering how can someone not acknowledge chemotherapy when we were talking of hair.

"Hmn.. it's exactly that."

N was diagnosed with Cancer two years back when she had started the group. In one year she had gone through many chemotherapy sessions. She hadn't shared this to anyone, until I asked and now the other person in the call knew it too.

"Maybe some people did guess it, but they were too polite to ask," She said.

I clearly was not polite.

But here's what happened. When we spoke about it in details, she felt better. By the end of the call, she felt like it was a divine intervention that I joined the call. I was going through some things too, and as soon as she used the word "divine intervention", I shared some of my experiences too about how I had to change hospitals, how the reports were messed up, etc. We both came out of the call happier, freer.

Here's the thing about diseases. There are things out of our control and there are things within our control. When I was in the hospital, I played online Ludo and Poker with my friends and acquaintances from MDI. When I had a fracture in 2019, and I was on leave, I took it as an opportunity to catch up on some passive Netflix / Prime Video watching - something I never get the chance to do because of my lifestyle and hobbies. And when N was diagnosed with Cancer, instead of lamenting how she was the most unluckiest person in the world, she chose to found a whatsapp group, have daily calls and meet-ups, make new friends, and enjoy the joy of living. Instead of being offended by my question, she took it as an opportunity to finally open up about what she was going through and felt relieved that she did, Today, she is a healthy woman, well recovered.

The thing is life is not only short but very unpredictable. We never know what life throws at us.

A few days back, I was exhausted and irritated of doing all the new-house unpacking and shifting. In the morning I texted a friend on how the last time I shifted my house back in 2019, I had a fracture on the same day because I was exhausted and weak. By the evening at about 6pm, I slipped and fell down the stairs outside my house.

I was unable to get up and I started crying out loud, but there was no one nearby to help me get up. So I somehow limped my way to my room and landed myself on the sofa. Everything hurt.

I wanted to dwell in the comfort of tears and drown myself in self-pity. But the first thought I had in mind was that I could have a concussion and I am thankful I didn't. Another thought was how much I manifested my own injury because I was thinking about it in the morning and reminiscing the time when I texted my friend. This is one reason why I keep telling my clients that we really need to watch our thoughts. When we can manifest great things, we can manifest shitty things too and at the speed of light. The third thought was that life is too short for me to waste it fighting and blaming and crying. Context: I had a fight with Mr. B a few days back.

The rest is in this Insta Story-

How we deal with Dis-Ease

The next day, I booked an X-ray-at-home service as prescribed by the doctor online. It costed 20X the regular amount and the appointment was only for the evening. Thankfully, a healer from our Whatsapp group offered to check on my injury. He helped me with a Crepe Bandage too. I did a few energetic verbal clearings for him (blockage clearing of limiting beliefs) and he was so happy with it that he even gifted me the meal for the evening (Usually the rule in healing exchanges is to always split the amount spent for food).

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