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Posted on the 07 July 2022 by Sani09 @sani09

 When I first thought of starting a new blog / website / newsletter, I had thought I would write perfect articles with all the self-healing tips I have learned in life. The perfect articles never came, because I am not perfect. And let me tell you a little secret, having met and observed different kinds of people from up close, I can comfortably tell you that nobody is perfect. Not even your role model. You will know when you know them in person.

It is different when I am counseling clients, because I see them for they are, what they have gone through, what they could become if they leave the beliefs that are limiting them or contracting them, and tell them how they can become that. With some healing techniques, I facilitate them to shed some unnecessary and harmful beliefs right away.

Every client is different. Every life story is different. Every root cause is different. And I have the natural gift and some learned techniques to figure out these stories, find the root causes, deal with them, and pull them out from the client's mind like stubborn weed from their bodies.

But does that make me someone who has it all? I may know things but only knowing them isn't enough. These things need to be applied in life, consciously and regularly. And even if you apply them regularly, life has the beauty of throwing new challenges, new experiences, new battles with new wounds and scars at you. And then you need to work upon them too. It helps when you have some past experience, and it helps when your previous wounds are healing or healed.

Just like a fitness coach needs to go to the gym himself, or a nutritionist needs to follow the diet herself, Light Workers like me need to consciously work on themselves and regularly so. And when I started to write these newsletters, I decided to show up as my true imperfect deeply emotional highly sensitive thinking feeling self instead of just sharing the perfect one-size-suits-all tips and tricks to deal with life, relationships, career and more. It's scary to show up like this but it is also liberating and fulfilling.

That's what art, healing, creative endeavours, etc do. They fill the gaps that life leaves. They then help you expand. There will be more gaps as you expand. And then there will be more fillings to, if you want it so.

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