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I'd Love To Have A Zoren

Posted on the 26 November 2012 by Piaiamps @pemarikresta

...but I have Marvin. :)
While most, if not all, of my countrymen went gaga over the Zoren-Carmina Wedding, I talked about Step Up Revolution with my boyfriend over the phone. Since I have no TV, I was excused from the oohs and the aahs of the wedding proposal of the year. I only got to watch parts of the event here.

I cried a tear, yes. And was teased by my boyfriend, as he always does. I smiled, went kilig and felt happy for the two, even if I'm only a faceless stranger to them. It's not everyday that I see genuineness in showbiz. I liked Zoren-related posts on Facebook and wished that I end up with a leading man like him.
And then I texted Ambin.
He called me thrice today. Not that it's something huge or worth all the kilig in the world but it was just what I needed. His first call was his daily, regular checking up on me because we're in a long distance relationship so we have to maintain this constant communication to bridge the gap haha. He called again when I asked him to, because I was crying already at the lonely silence of my room. And his third call was just an hour ago, when I texted him that I was feeling lonely again.
He called me thrice today and that's just what I needed. He wasn't supposed to. He should call me the following day but he did, because I asked him to. And he called again because he wanted to, though it was only for a minute because he was short of extra load. He knew that I'm the most fragile thing in the world deep inside. And he knew that I needed someone. So he was there.
These little things.
I'd love to have a Zoren but I have Marvin. He isn't a celebrity who can afford all the luxuries in the world but he does everything to give me just what I need.

I'd Love To Have A Zoren

I miss you, love! :(

Yes, I'd rather plan MY wedding (in the not so near future) and no, no wedding bells soon! :D

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