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I Have A Dream...

Posted on the 18 January 2016 by Chasingjoy @chasing_joy
I Have A Dream... Happy Martin Luther King Day.  As we all know he had a dream.  He had a big dream. A dream for his country, my country, the United States.  We know all about his dream because he did everything he could to achieve it.  He preached about it, marched for it, protested for it, was jailed for it, gave speeches about it, and died because of it. 
Dr. King was an inspiration for many obvious reasons.  In addition to those obvious reasons Dr. King is an inspiration to me because he put his all into creating the life he wanted.  A life where he and people who looked like him would be seen as equals.  The things that he did in pursuit of that life were not easy but they were worth it. 
I have a dream too. A lot of dreams actually that all come together to form the Joyful life that I am creating for myself.  Am I working as hard on my dreams as Dr. King worked on his?  Am I making sacrifices for my dreams, am I talking about my dreams, working towards my dreams, am I really doing all that I can to achieve those dreams?  Do I even have clarity on what these dreams are?
You have dreams too.  Dreams to create the kind of joyful life for yourself that only you can envision.  I ask you the same questions that I am asking myself.  Do you have clarity on what your dreams are? Are you putting your all into making those dreams come true?
My Challenge to you is to write “I have a dream” and then write out all of your dreams that make up the joyful life you want.  I am going to do the same  

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