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I’m Changing My Career Trajectory… and It’s Kind of Scary

Posted on the 10 October 2017 by Eshwrites

I’ve been writing young adult (YA) fiction for about a decade. Five books, about 100 (seriously!) lit agencies and endless revisions … Stressful. Frustrating. So I am done writing fiction. For now, at least.

I don’t think my fiction will ever sell, so I’m going to be focusing on writing nonfiction…. Mostly my stories and my anecdotes about the life I’ve lead, the hell I’ve been through, the family I came from, and how that makes me who I am.

I’m also trying to break into the motivational speaking field, but that’s more difficult to do than I imagined.

I think I was put on this earth to inspire people, I really do. I’m perfectly aware that sounds corny as all hell but that’s what it feels like.

So it’s on to the next chapter.

I’m Changing My Career trajectory… and it’s kind of scary

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