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I'm Married!

Posted on the 04 June 2012 by M0derngirl @M0DDERNGIRL
So, the wedding was awesome. Everything went really well. There was even some circle dancing.
The tables looked great, our gazebo/chuppah was awesome. People really enjoyed the ceremony and thought it was well written (props to myself and my fiance husband.
I had a total blast. One of my favorite parts was that people kept commenting saying I wasn't nervous and I was the most relaxed bride they've seen. All weekend I said, "This is just a party. Let's party."
My father-in-law advertised my blog during his toast at the reception. It's possible that you've stumbled here because someone gave you the address out on a napkin.
If so, I just want to emphasize that I blog using an alias "Modern Girl" and because I don't like having my name all over the internet. And since I'm currently on the job hunt, I don't really want employers to find my blog when they do a reference check on me. The blog is my personal - not professional space. I use this to talk about my controversial opinions on lots of things - politics, religion, society, the media. Sometimes I just vent my feelings.
So feel free to comment and enjoy reading through. But please don't advertise this blog as "my" blog. I have chosen to use and alias for a reason.
I haven't been on email or facebook for days. I will be away from my computer for most of the rest of the week. After that, I'm sure I'll post lots of photos and spill lots of details.
For now, I want to repost the toast I wrote to my  groom. It took forever to write, and thankfully it went over pretty well. We both like the geeky jokes on Vlogbrothers, and I love the science jargon on The Big Bang Theory. I wrote it all myself from the top of my head with the idea that "good" poetry uses unusual wording.
My Toast to the Groom
 With 7 billion people on this rotating terrestrial plane, the probability of us meeting was pretty much insane. 
With a p value of less than point oh oh nine, I never hypothesized that you’d be mine.
Through chaos theory of canine appreciation, or binary determination, we met and you solved my life’s equation.
I felt my heart palpitate, I saw your eyes dilate. I know we’d be together like covalent bonds of copper carbonate.
But moreover, I love how your intangible assets always complement my many facets.
I’m a motor mouth with a broca’s area that’s out of control. You’re the quiet type, with a wernicke’s area that’s ready to console.
I teach you about chartreuse and azure blue, and you teach me about net-book-value.
And your knight may corner my rook, but my recollection skills have you on the hook.
Despite our differences, and dissimilarity, we’re a hex-core processor and 10 gig ram in compatibility.
Maybe we’re outliers and maybe we’re exceptional. Our love is like pi, and we’ve proven the irrational.
But like an MMORPG quest, sometimes it feels like we can’t rest. 
We’ve had our hardships and we’ve encountered adversity, but we’ve triumphed over it all with our spirited tenacity.
I know that together, we can configure the algorithms to solve any real, hypothetical, or imagined problems.
Your day job is accounting calculations, but you’re pro at my neurotransmitter fluctuations.
I love you, and you put up with me. Even when I’m not cute, you still got the kiwi.
And when I contemplate us, I know I’m a fortunate girl, especially when you whoo me by explaining the Fibonacci swirl.
And so here’s a toast, to our marriage. May it blossom. For as long as I’m with you, we’ll be Team Awesome.

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