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I'm Shoe In Love!

Posted on the 09 July 2012 by Karenumaly @karenumaly
Honestly, I didn't want to go to this event anymore cause I felt like I had shopped too much already for the past few weeks (tipid tipid din ;) ), but my boyfriend kept on convincing me that it's okay and that he wanted to go there also, kaya yun.. I'm Shoe In Love!Saw a lot of sky high heels..

I'm Shoe In Love!
I'm Shoe In Love!
flats.. I'm Shoe In Love!some men's shoes.. I'm Shoe In Love!I'm Shoe In Love!and accessories as well. :)I'm Shoe In Love!I'm Shoe In Love!I wanted to buy black loafers from posh pocket shoes and brown sandals from some store but unfortunately, they didn't have my size. :(So after roaming around for 3-4 times, I finally ended up with this:I'm Shoe In Love!I'm Shoe In Love!We also went to Sophie's mom cause I've been craving for their mochi truffles, kaya lang they don't have it during that time, sayang. :(I'm Shoe In Love!But I still bought this:I'm Shoe In Love!Yummy!!! :)))By the way, here's what I bought:I'm Shoe In Love!2 oxford shoes from Cole Vintage :)I'm Shoe In Love!I'm Shoe In Love!I'm Shoe In Love!Buy 1 Take 1 for P800 :)BTW, my boyfriend bought them for me, advanced birthday gift daw haha! Kaya pala he kept on forcing me to go to this sale, may hidden agenda haha. Kaya thank you to my super kunsintidor boyfriend for these. :) I hope there'll be another "I'm Shoe In Love" event soon! :)

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