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I Need A Table

Posted on the 05 January 2013 by Piaiamps @pemarikresta

Happy New Year! I've been trying to write about how my holidays went but I don't seem to know where to begin. Right now I'm trying my luck again, so if you are able to read this then maybe I got lucky.
I spent the last 5 hours on my computer, browsing through the internet, watching movies and whatnot. Took a bath past 6 this evening and rushed to the laundry shop to get my, well, laundry. I'm planning to iron them tonight. And I just dropped my boyfriend's call after I explained to him my disappointing situation. I'm back here in Cebu, by the way. I attended last night's Torts after a long time. God, I can't even remember the last topic that we discussed. I was cramming all day yesterday because I thought we'll be having our prelim exams which apparently turned out to be false. I'm thankful nonetheless. I've lots of catching up to do, books to read and cases to digest and write. Ugh. I don't know how to get started. I'm not sure if I'm having a holiday hangover because I don't feel like it but I do miss the food (I wish I ate all of them) and my boyfriend. I'm currently hating my best friends - friendly hate, for leaving me alone in the cold dark winter. Okay, joke. I missed them during the holidays. Lorena spent post Christmas days at her partner's place which is a couple of miles away from ours and Shan didn't go home because she had work and couldn't ask for leave. And Ariane, uhm, well she's now having fun with her new friends. So basically, we're on our own now. I'm just happy that I have now a boyfriend to waste time with while my friends live their lives. We're old.
Anyway, I've a lot of stories to share but I'm planning to post them separately or not post them at all. I don't know. Maybe I'll try writing until my attention span shuts me. I've actually many things on my mind as always but I'll just tell you this, I BADLY NEED A TABLE.
You must probably know that I moved in to a new place last month and it's empty except for the deck. So we have to bring in our own things if we want to live normally. I didn't have a table because in my old room, the landlady provided us our table, chairs and beds. I told my parents about it, I forgot what they said but I'm sure they disagreed on buying one. I figured I'd just wait for their visit which will be most likely this month to buy me one because I don't want to spend my allowance. I'm poor for goodness sake. I don't know. Haven't spoken to mama or papa. Don't feel like. Haaaay. Maybe I'll just buy tomorrow. Anything cheap.
I hope you had wonderful holidays!

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