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I Saw You Today

Posted on the 30 March 2013 by Rharikrishna25 @Hari_raghu
Shaun Reed came to the dining room after bidding goodbye to his two sons. One was 15-years old and other was 17 years old. He had to rush up to his friend's company to check its progress and then to his lab. He called his wife.
"Hey, Jeez, It's getting late. My breakfast."
"Coming Shaun. Can you be a little more patient?"
"You know my schedule. Don't you darl? I have too many works eating my time."
"It's your fault. You shouldn't have taken up the task of supervising your friend's company."
"Don't start it again! He is my best friend and it's my duty to do it for he has entrusted me with this task."

"Where is he now? Why did he leave the place without telling anyone?"
"He wanted peace. He didn't have it in his life. When he will return is a million dollar question. Let us have some hope."
He was about to finish his breakfast when the door bell rang. Shaun attended the door. There was a post man standing with a smile on his lips. A black rimmed spectacle adorned his beard face.
"Shaun Reed?"
"You know my name?"
"It's there in the letter sir..."
"You look so familiar. Who are you?"
"New post man assigned for duty in this area sir." He handed the letter.
"What? From Hayte Kle?"
Tears started welling up his eyes. The visitor nodded his head in approval. Every day since his absence, Shaun Reed used to check his post box for his mails, mobile for his calls. But none came and today at last a post from him.
Shaun sat in the sofa thinking in retrospect. Those days were always adorable for him yet hurtful. Both were from the same college and Hayte got a job whereas Shaun entered the research line and continued his passion. Hayte flourished and started a company. Shaun became a scientist. After Hayte's sister's marriage, he bought a home near his sister's. He had taken care of everything, he had only his company duties. He asked Shaun to help him with it.
One fine day, (Probably bad day for his people) he left the place. None knew where he left. 15 years passed by since then.
"Hey, the envelope down here." Jeez shouted. Shaun came to his present. She gave him the envelope and it was addressed to Shaun Reed, him. He told her that he would see it in his office. After checking on Hayte Kle's company, he left for his lab. He noted in his mind that he should read the letter on reaching his lab.
He entered his cabin and tore the envelope open. His face showed a mixture of expressions as his gaze lowered down the envelope.
Dear Shaun Reed, 
I don't wish to beat around the bush. I am sorry for everything. I am sorry for leaving you alone for 15 years. I am sorry for not looking after my parents and I am sorry for leaving that responsibility to you. I am sorry for not attending your marriage yet I am happy that I had made some efforts for the life you are living now. I am sorry for burdening you with my company responsibilities but I didn't have one to entrust them with this. And I am sorry for giving you that “major” burden. I don't have a reason for this. But I am sorry for the great battle going on in your mind whether to tell your wife that one of your boys is actually not yours but mine. I am sorry for that too.
The truth which you and I alone know. It is definitely not an ugly truth but not a truth to celebrate with others. The day your first child was born dead and you were not in a position to accept that, I had no other option but to give you my child, my adopted child. Yes Shaun, he isn't my boy and I actually adopted him from a very far place. I adopted him to remove the silence in me. I adopted him to make my parents believe that I had a child with some girl. I adopted a boy to forget my past memories with her. With her, Shaun. I wanted to forget her. 
And here I am without him. But I am happy here, Shaun, with all kids clouding my thoughts with their innocence. And I am happy that my son is safe with you with my friend. With my brother. I have always seen you as my brother, my younger brother.
You know my life, Shaun. You know my hurts and insults. You know my cowardice. You know my denial and weak mind. I have had enough experiences in my life in just 28 years what an octogenarian would have seen in his entire life. I never realized who were true until things started changing. I was always surrounded by selfish crocs who were waiting for me to slip into the water so that they could have their feast. I succumbed to their wishes. I never had courage to tell people what I had in my mind. I never had strong mind to take strict decisions in my life. Please don't grow your children that way.
Tell them that you once had a friend named Hayte Kle and the story.
""He was good, generous and intelligent. But he never had confidence in him. He was always clouded by fear throughout his life that he might become a loser. He never had the courage to tell what he had in his mind. He always stood first when it came to others. He was such a nice guy to hang out with. He always preferred relationships to his ego. And so he lost his self-respect and self-esteem. Everyone took advantage of his weak mind and used him for their benefits.
There was no one except a few which included your dad who had been telling him constantly to be confident and strong. But he didn't listen to our words and he started losing by gaining. He rose to a supreme position in his field but failed to keep true people near him. Courage eluded him when it came to his own life but supported him when it came to others'. He was one of the reasons that you two are leading a good life now.""

Be confident in life, learn to take strong decisions, never expect from others, learn to be a little selfish, learn to say 'No', never lose your self-esteem, be friendly to all, be careful in your life, shed your innocence after a point, Never take your victories to your head, Never run behind people instead make them come behind you, recognize the true people around you, and at last, never ignore people in life. I know how painful it will be.
I owe you a lot for taking care of my company and checking on my parents. I heard that all our close friends are doing well. Help them in case they need. Hope She is also fine. My parents too would be reading my letter now.
I hear you asking me a question. “You don't wish to see us?” I saw you all. I am very happy that I saw you today in morning. Every one of you. Bye.
With Love,
Hayte Kle.

I saw you today. The postman. Shaun started crying. Like a child. He had never cried in the past 15 years. Not after the day Hayte left everyone in despair. He threw away the letter in anguish sorrow. A newspaper flew onto the floor from the envelope. A photo caught his face, Hayte's and Shaun read the headline. 
"The Unknown guy, who has been in coma for the past 15 years, dies today morning."

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