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I Wish I Never Met You

Posted on the 07 May 2012 by Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
I Wish I Never Met You My past has a funny way on catching up with me, when it hits me it hits hard, all at once, memories keep rushing back, memories of places but mostly memories of people I once knew.
I used to think of how good friends I could be with them, but it wasn't long until it all went to hell because some of us can't let go of things and others think that life is simple and it's not worth complicating it. Well, news flash, life is not easy, never was, never will be, it's not complicated - it's just complex, with so many aspects that sometimes it's hard to keep track of.
If we keep thinking that life is easy we may lose control of some aspects, vital aspects.
I met some people who used to ask me for help and I was more than happy to help them, people with whom friendships did not last, people I liked very much and imagined being good fiends with but it never crossed my mind that soon it might be all gone.
I blame myself for letting them in my life, I blame them for screwing with my head, I blame them for not getting to know me better because of how little they knew me, I am much more but I guess they weren't patient enough to find that out. I have flaws but who doesn't ?
I remember them saying mean things and not regretting not one moment saying them and then I think of me, if I say mean things I have a good damned reason for that, if I say means things it means I thought dozens of times before saying them so later I won't have any regrets.
I wish I never met those people, I am that unforgiving, the "forgiving" part of my brains has been malfunctioning for quite some time now and I guess I'm easy hurt, but also it means that I know the true meaning of words and I know of how much they can hurt once said, I know how intense some things can be once done, how destructive they can be, that's why I think more than twice before saying of doing something. Sometimes I would you to do as well.
This is it for now, this articles may be updated as all my thoughts don't come all at once.

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