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If It Takes You an Hour and a Half...

Posted on the 04 February 2018 by Skip1957 @skip1957
I got into a little comment exchange on twitter today. A young girl, I'm assumimg a girl, maybe she was older, anyway, she had tweeted that she had to get up early, an hour and a half early, to look beautiful to go out for the day. 
I'm sorry, but if it takes you that long to "get beautiful" you're ugly and just covering it up. Besides, I could do it for you faster, a little Quik set mud, some sandpaper, and I'd have you looking like a whole new person in 20-30 minutes tops! 
I made the claim, that my wife, who happens to be 59 now, hardly ever puts on makeup, and is beautiful... my answer was, "tell your wife you are a dick" my answer, she already knows, is there anything else you'd like me to tell her? "

I'm sorry ladies, if you think you need to take that much time to look good, you are not a good looking woman. No one needs that much time to look good, unlesss you already don't look good. Putting that aside, if you do take that time to look good, and you end up with some unsuspecting poor dude, and you wake up in the morning, I hope to hell whatever you did, was a long lasting fix, otherwise, that poor dude is going to be scarred for life.

If It Takes You an Hour and a Half...this is myself and my lovely wife, shes the good looking one... no make up, and 59 years old... I don't wear make up, because, there ain't no way to fix perfection! LMAO! I'm not saying a little makeup isn't a good thing, I just get tired of these kids thinking they need to spend hours trying to look like someone they think they should look like, when many are just as, if not more beautiful, the way they are... Don't sell yourself short, be the best you can be, but above all, BE YOURSELF! I fell in love with a beautiful woman, she has never had to impress me, just her being her, is all I want or need! That is what IMPRESSES ME! BB84CBJNBGNM

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