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“If You Can Read This Sentence, I Can Prove God Exists”

Posted on the 12 April 2017 by Ruperttwind @RuperttWind
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We cannot think of the big bang as un-caused because of entropy. If the universe were infinitely old, it would be burned out by now. If the universe is not infinitely old then it has a cause. Which brings us back to the necessity of an uncaused cause.

Logical Fallacies" Genetic Fallacy

Creationists, though, dismiss these fossil studies. They argue that Archaeopteryx is not a missing link between reptiles and birds--it is just an extinct bird with reptilian features. They want evolutionists to produce a weird, chimeric monster that cannot be classified as belonging to any known group. Even if a creationist does accept a fossil as transitional between two species, he or she may then insist on seeing other fossils intermediate between it and the first two. These frustrating requests can proceed ad infinitum and place an unreasonable burden on the always incomplete fossil record.

Design Arguments for the Existence of God | Internet

Communication systems are built using rules that are arbitrary. The choice of 6555556 meaning the letter 8775 A 8776 in ASCII is arbitrary. The choice of GGG coding for Glycine in DNA is arbitrary.

The Human Eye Is so Poorly Designed That Engineers Mimic

The advent of our creator and our creation lies in a realm beyond our mortal perceptions. We know we come from the elements created in the belly's of stars. We know stars were created from other stars and we can conceptualize and explain, and in some limited ways tests the creation process. We know that the material and rules by which life arises all came into being shortly was creation. Once this dusty material, these pieces of particles, and energetic forces arose, then the possibility, the probability, and the certainty of life was assured.

But with the advent of science and all the great discoveries one is now able to grasp the universe in bits and pieces. But most of these are sufficient to show the symbolism in the Hindu culture. Just the fact that after a big bang the monosyllable sound OHM is emanated and was recognized as the source, shows the intersection of religion and science.

I also believe in all that Mr. Marshall has thoroughly explained here and proved with all the conviction of His soul, though I 8767 m not a scientist and do comprehend only a bit of all the scientific proofs for the existence of God. I DO know that God lives and I have known that from my childhood up to now. I tell you that because of the question you asked for the afterlife, that is a truly important question and a fundamental one, since there is no purpose in God creating everything we know of as Mr. Ross so perfectly explained with such an accuracy that this earth and we could exist if all this is to end and vanish.

Kevin, when you say 8775 Clearly something very weird, deceptively simple and unfathomable is the cause for anything to be 8776 I don 8767 t know very many theologians who would disagree with you. You are closer to God than you think.

Instead of using science to try to detect the purpose of the hemoglobin in root nodules, Oparin let his beliefs interpret the facts. He declared no purpose/no design instead of using science to take a fresh look at it. This pattern is being repeated today by blind faith followers of Neo-Darwinism.

You could literally put any thing you saw into a framework based on information. Especially when you were not afraid to allow both the subjective and objective realities of information to mingle freely. Meaning and structure. Quality and quantity. Good stories always promise mystery, and the profound.

I'm sorry, but I really don't have the time or the inclination to fill the gaps in your education, nor engage in parsing your definition of science into religious concepts. Whatever you want to believe is strictly your own concern.
If you feel that science is so deficient, then why waste other people's time?

“If you can read this sentence, I can prove God exists”

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